Handmade leather workshop

Our artisan fur workshop, Solsona Leather, has been present in the market since 1932 with authentic and exclusive exceptional craftsmanship, offering you a complete catalog of elegant Spanish leather jackets, coats, vests and a wide etcetera for men and women.

We have become one of Barcelona's iconic labels, since we have written a significant part of the city's history throughout the more than 90 years of experience that we have, through our offer of products in which they stand out the high quality and attention to detail

The workshop in which we make each garment is one of our greatest attractions, since the client can choose the color and leather they want for their personalized clothing.

Get to know our handmade leather workshop

We are specialized in the tailoring of nappa, suede, suede, double-sided and leather garments. At Solsona Leather you can choose from an attractive selection of leather accessories, among which are wallets, bags, scarves, purses, wallets and belts. All the collections we have make a difference for being unique, elegant and handmade. 

Our fur shop has a long history of always being a benchmark business in the industry and a great point of sale for customers. The authenticity and experience of our brand is to a large extent an aspect that has generated a lot of confidence in customers, making them feel more comfortable when buying the products we manufacture. In addition, we have an excellent team of experts who work in our own workshop to make each of the creations with love, dedication and care.


We are located in Barcelona, but we offer our products and services nationally and internationally, do not hesitate to contact with us. We will offer you exclusive and personalized attention.


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