Tailor-made leather jackets

At Solsona Leather, being a furrier with its own workshop, we can take care of making custom-made leather jackets with great commitment and seriousness, which means that you can have a leather garment that fits perfectly to your body and personal style. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of design options, including different skin types and colors. Besides jackets, we can also make coats, vests, pants, etc. 

As if that were not enough, we have an extensive stock of scarves, gloves, wallets, belts and others leather accessoriesAsk us

The honesty and professionalism are characteristics that define us and those that have allowed us to earn the trust of hundreds of clients throughout our journey in this sector. In addition, we continually strive to keep up with the most current market trends, in order to improve our processes more and more, in this sense, constant improvement is a commitment to ourselves and our buyers, to whom we always offer the best. which is at the forefront.

We make custom leather jackets

At Solsona Leather , we offer customers, who are the main axis of our company, the option of international shipping, since most of them come from the United States, Canada and Australia, this is how we improve their shopping experience, providing them with an exclusive service

Tell us what you have in mind and we will take care of making it happen. While you think about it, we invite you to discover some of the women's and men's clothing that we have.


For women, we have:


For men, we have:


For us, the satisfaction of the different clients we have is very important, since being able to respond correctly to each of their needs contributes to the success and expansion of our business. Therefore, contact us right now, we will be happy to attend and resolve your different concerns and requirements.